Ezy-Birthing Kit

The Ezy-Birthing Kit contains three homeopathic remedies that are individually prescribed to help with your pregnancy and the birth of your baby. The medicines vary from person to person, depending on how we assess the pregnancy requirements.

  • Part A: This medicine aims to soften the cervix which assists with dilation.
    If you know that you are having a caesarean you do not require this part of the kit, however you can use Part B and C.
  • Part B: One of the components of this medicine is homeopathic Arnica which can help with the pain and trauma of labour. It helps stop postpartum bleeding and promotes healing.
  • Part C: This homeopathic remedy aims to gently stimulate your ovaries to produce hormones naturally. It is believed that unbalanced hormones may lead to post-natal blues or depression.

PLEASE NOTE: Your medical condition is assessed on an individual basis and the above three parts of the kit vary as to your personal needs.


"I found the Ezy birth kit fabulous. As I have used it with all my births, I can't compare it to giving birth without it, but I wouldn't have liked to test the theory. The part B was fantastic for postnatal bleeding and cleared the babies cords up in about 5 days clear."
- T.D (3rd Baby)

"Since having our beautiful girl "Hannah" I have been taking 'Part C' as per instructions received. I am surprised at how 'well & normal' I feel. Of course I feel tired (Baby feeds frequently) but otherwise, 6 weeks down the track I feel great and have done all the while (very different from last time too). No Baby Blues, no upset, no depression. I really feel 'Part C' has helped immensely".
- Mrs. J.Y. (2nd Baby)

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