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Acupuncture, Chinese and Western Herbalism, Naturopathy and Homeopathy, Massage, Pregnancy and Birthing

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Phone (07) 5442 2511 to make an appointment.
19 Meher Road, Kiels Mountain, Sunshine Coast.

Monday8.20AM — 12.50PM2.50PM — 5.45PM
Tuesday8.30AM — 12.50PMMorning Dispensary only,
Afternoon Clinic closed
Wednesday8.20AM — 12.50PMAfternoon 2 — 4PM Bowen by Amber Luscombe
Thursday8.20AM — 12.50PMAfternoon 2 — 4PM Bowen by Amber Luscombe
Friday8.30AM — 12.50PMAfternoon 2 — 4PM Bowen by Amber Luscombe

Over 30 Years Experience

Are you Anxious? Depressed? Stressed? Suffering with Hormonal problems? Or Digestive upsets? The Meher Clinic has had great results treating a wide range of ailments including Chronic Fatigue, Menstrual irregularities, Anxiety, Digestive disorders, Infections, Pain and a large number of other illnesses.

The Meher Clinic has a wide array of medicines that can help support the immune system against acute infections and reduce the symptoms experienced during cold and flu, sinusitis, sore throat and coughs.


Meher Clinic is a multi-modality clinic that specialises in


Acupuncture is the main form of medicine that has been practiced in China for over 2000 years ...

Herbal Medicine: Western & Chinese

Herbal medicine utilises the active constituents found in plants for restoring health ...


Homeopathy is an energetic form of medicine that may be derived from plant, animal or mineral sources ...


Supported by both up-to-date scientific research and traditional knowledge, the practice of Naturopathy ...

Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional medicine encompasses a broad spectrum of therapeutic qualities. To begin with, food and diet is ...

Pregnancy and Birthing

The Ezy-Birthing Kit contains three homeopathic remedies that are individually prescribed to help with your pregnancy ...