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Roy Hayes

Roy has had an interest in medicine since a young age and began voluntary work in a clinic in India in the early ‘80s. From there he began to study Homeopathy and later Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at BCTA College (This College is now the Australian College of Natural Medicine in Brisbane). He now holds a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, graduating in 1989. Roy presented a paper at the World Congress for Advanced Homoeopathy in Calcutta in February 1998 that was well received by more than 300 doctors from around the world.

During holidays in India in the early ’80s Roy helped out at a medical clinic for the poor and observed the use of Homeopathy as health care. The results he observed there impressed him and he felt that he needed to learn more about this old healing method.

Several trips later and much study, training and observation with Indian Homeopaths and their colleagues teaching their knowledge. Later, postgraduate courses were completed in Brisbane.

Further study of Advanced Homoeopathy in Calcutta with Prof. Parimal Banerji introduced him to a system of Homeopathy and he feels is the best to treat a broad range of ailments and is giving very good results.

Roy is a Fellow of the International Institute of Advanced Homoeopathy.

Meher Clinic has been operating since 1987 and became full time when in 1989 Roy graduated from BCTA College in Brisbane. At this time Ros (his wife) joined the clinic to work with Roy. Ros has now retired.

Roy has a Diploma in Homeopathy and has been a Certified Practitioner with the “Australian Register of  Homoeopathic Practitioners” for many years.

In July 2012, Roy was accepted into the newly formed Chinese Medical Board of Australia – a division of A.H.P.R.A (Australian Health Practitioners Reg Association).

Jayna Cox

Diploma Remedial Massage, Bachelor Health Science (Nat)

Jayna has worked at the Meher Clinic since 2004 as massage therapist, receptionist and in dispensary. Jayna finished her Naturopathic degree in 2016. She likes to get away to the great outdoors with her two young children when she can. Jayna is completing a Masters Degree at RMIT in Acupuncture.

Reina Lajara

Diploma Swedish Body Massage. Diploma in Reflexology

Reina works as a Masseuse, Receptionist and Dispenser of medicines. Reina has always had an interest in natural therapies and enjoys being part of the calmness and healing they bring. Outside of work, Reina enjoys spending time with her partner and three young children, particularly time at the beach.

Amber Luscombe

Amber is a remedial massage and Bowen therapist who loves helping people realign with their body and spirit. She has been part of the Meher Clinic team since 2018 and enjoys exploring all of the beauty the Sunshine Coast beaches and hinterland have to offer.

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